Saveasparquetfile overwrite a file

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How can I make Spark 0 saveAsTextFile to overwrite existing file

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Spark: DataFrames And Parquet

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Spark SQL 漫谈 Cheng Hao Dec 13, 2014

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scala data analysis cookbook

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void saveAsParquetFile(String path) Saves the contents of this SchemaRDD as a parquet file, preserving the schema. Files that are written out using this method can be read back in as a SchemaRDD using the parquetFile function.

Add and usagiftsshops.comt for SparkR, and deprecated saveAsParquetFile. Loading csv-files in sparkR. Ask Question (data,"data".json","parquet","overwrite") or saveAsParquetFile(data, "data") and later you can read the parquet file. – Wannes Rosiers Aug 13 '15 at add a comment | Your Answer.

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Saveasparquetfile overwrite a file
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