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Health & Life Sciences

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Managing regulated marketing content

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This article reviews and develops marketing knowledge specific to the life sciences industry, defined as companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and therapeutic medical devices. Multichannel Sales and Marketing in Life Sciences: A Paradigm Shift or Natural Evolution?

Digital technology has reshaped the commercial models of numerous industries and shifted customer interaction preferences across the globe. Life Sciences: We Know How TM Going global in life sciences before going global was cool.

For over 20 years, TransPerfect has supported the global development and marketing of drugs, treatments, and other products designed to improve and save lives. life sciences The life sciences industry is in a constant state of motion; managers need to build organizations that are flexible to adapt to ever-changing market pressures and compliance requirements.

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Keywords: life sciences, marketing theory, research agenda, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, marketing, sales lthough marketing scholars often seek to contribute new knowledge that is applicable across industries (Stewart ), some industries have unique characteristics that require industry-specific knowledge development (Eliashberg, Elberse, and Leenders ).

JOURNALISM and MARKETING INTERNSHIP IN LIFE SCIENCES and HEALTH CARE General Purpose: Preparation of materials and completion of specific projects, while ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals.

The intern will learn best practices in marketing and communications from experienced staff.

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